Solid Surface Countertop Experts!

Rabb and Howe has been a leading solid surface countertop installer in Indianapolis for 25 years. We do custom kitchen and bathroom countertop installation for Central Indiana of all major brands of solid surface products.  Dupont Corian and Samsung’s Staron may be our most popular but with dozens of other lines we have you covered!

Many Benefits of Solid Surface

The major benefits to the owners and users of these products is the ease or cleanup, resistance to bacterial or fungal growth and beauty. Design professionals love solid surface countertops for the design flexibility, color palette and other technical aspects of these materials like lack of VOC and fire resistance. Whatever plan you or your design team come up with, you can depend on the top countertop installer in Indianapolis Rabb & Howe to make it a beautiful reality.

Bacterial & Fungal Resistance

Staron has been tested to produce zero growth of several nasty strains of bacteria and fungus after 3 week tests. Corian solid surface materials are NSF/ANSI 51 Certified to the highest level, for all food types.

FDA Compliance

Corian® surfaces have been determined to be in compliance with FDA regulation 177.1010 and are acceptable for use as food contact surfaces.

A Kosher Surface

The manufacturing procedures and raw materials used in the production of Corian® solid surfaces have been reviewed by the kosher certification agency, Star-K, and are certified kosher and approved for use in kosher homes.

In A Laboratory Environment

Corian® has been used successfully in various types of laboratories as bench tops and other work surfaces throughout its history. Testing of the material can be needed for verification of suitability in certain laboratory situations.

Expert Countertop Installation

Proper installation of these materials is important to fulfilling the nearly limitless design possibilities they offer. For instance, the temperature variance of some installation situations can cause the need to accommodate for thermal expansion and contraction. This can impact the options for edges, seams and amounts of filler material required. Certain length and temperature variance combinations can eliminate the use of hardseamed corners for instance. We are expert countertop contractors in Indianapolis as we have worked with all of these solid surface materials in many different situations.

Staron Edge Treatments

One of the great aspects of Staron countertops is the selection of edge treatments you have to choose from. The full list of edge treatments is: Half Bullnose, Full Bullnose, Demi Bullnose, Ogee, Cove Ogee, Straight, Stair Tread, Waterfall, Single Imperial, 5mm Round, 10mm Bevel, 5mm Round, T&B